Roadhouse Hospitality Group

simpatiCOWORKING is a part of something much bigger. The owner’s of simpatiCOWORKING also own and operate Roadhouse Hospitality Group. Roadhouse Hospitality Group, a Colorado Restaurant Group, was founded by brothers John, Dan and Mike Shipp. The brothers’ core values have always been built on the three basic principles of Customer Service, Quality and Community. The brothers got their start in 1991 when they purchased their first restaurant, a small burger and shake joint called Spanky’s Roadhouse. Located in the heart of the DU area, this restaurant has evolved and thrived for the last 24 years. The group currently owns and manages 18 restaurants and 600 employees with a variety of themes and menus. However, we still adhere to those key core values and take pride in our track record of success. Our operating philosophy has allowed us to grow in a measured and responsible manner and affords us the opportunity to only take on projects that allow us to get involved and take a leadership role in community activity and neighborhood enhancement.

The Roadhouse brand was conceived to set the tone for quality and service we expect from ourselves and our customers can count on when visiting one of our locations. Our strong belief is that if we continue to apply our core values to our restaurants, we will consistently exceed expectations and create the loyalty needed to continue to enjoy broad based success.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Eagle Chamber of Commerce
The Eagle Chamber of Commerce

The Eagle Chamber of Commerce was born 80 years ago, and has served the local business community ever since. Located in the historic town of Eagle, Colorado – the county seat – we are at the very core of the business communities of the Eagle Valley.

We are a dynamic membership organization of community-minded businesses that work to promote a positive business environment, facilitate community betterment and support economic development in Eagle, Colorado and across Eagle County.

Our vision is to help business leaders and professionals connect, learn and grow. We are committed to working for the success of our members and to insuring that Eagle thrives.
The future of Eagle has never looked brighter or more promising than today. Eagle’s residents and businesses have a deep appreciation for the quality of life our community offers, bolstered by our town government and fully supported by the Eagle Chamber.

At the heart and soul of the Eagle Chamber is our valued membership. We strive to provide opportunities and valuable guidance to business members, other business owners and residents alike, in the spirit of true partnership, serving the entire community.

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